GoGet launches at Aventus

Trouble getting that large item home? Can’t fit the shopping in the car? Haven’t got a car? No problem – GoGet to the rescue!

The GoGet vehicle booking agency has provided more than 3 million trips for its 90,000+ members who have decided it is easier and more cost effective to book a GoGet car, than own a first or second car of their own.

GoGet has now made life even easier by placing vans in six Aventus shopping centres to help get that shopping home. Shoppers can sign up for free and drive a van home the same day.

Two vans have been parked in the car parks of Aventus’ Marsden Park Home, McGraths Hill Home, Home Hub Castle Hill, Bankstown Home, Logan Super Centre and Mile End Home centres. This means that retailers in these centres will be able to remove transport as a purchase barrier for customers. GoGet vans have already proved a hit in other locations, including most of Australia’s IKEA centres. To find out how GoGet can help you move more product, and how you can help shoppers sign up for the service, head to www.goget.com.au/aventus.


Without doubt the retail environment is changing quickly and completely and it pays to stay alert to new developments. These new technologies are a great reminder to be continually thinking outside the box and looking for innovative ways to make customer experiences as easy and seamless as possible. Retailers that are able to extend their offering to fulfill the whole customer experience, will be the ones that customers return to again and again.

Aventus customers who sign up will receive 1 year free membership (saving $49) Click here to join today.